Blue Sky
              Original Mix
Sting Records Music presents Norma Project with their latest track titled Blue Sky Original Mix . We are proud to present Stingadelics compilation vol.2 ! We have chosen fully unique music, from artists all around the world - ten total new tracks, ten friends and producers gathered, with mind blowing power, and huge inspiration! This time we are representing powerfull progressive psytrance, groovy basses with trippy melodies, psychedelic sounds and solid percussions to experiment a fluid journey into the abstract dimension and inviting the cosmic dance. This melodic riffs open unknown doorways, while sweeping synths scintillate form new dimensions of sound. Artists such as Norma Project Liquid Sound, Agent Kritsek, Maitika, Shogan, Ascent, Monolock, Cambium,Yner, Cymatika open the Portals, and Portals expand all around you, making the perfect vibe for dance floor power! Enjoy in good music

Blue Sky Original Mix